Criteria:Applicant must have participated a minimum of Three years combined at the Biddy and Varsity levels in the Redskins program, either as a football player, cheerleader or student coach.

The applicant must be pursuing a post High School education either in college, business school or a trade school.

Scholarship recipients will be notified by the Redskins organization. The actual Scholarship money will be dispensed in accordance to the Redskins Current Bi-laws pertaining to Scholarships.

Applicants are to complete the forms below and submit them to their Guidance Counselor during the Spring Scholarship application period.
Scholarship Recipients

1997Jason Cooper
1998Michael Jones
1998Kyle Beasly
1999Anya Szlachtianchyn
1999Kyle Bocko
1999Troy Beatty
2000Danielle Delany
2000Dana Gulick
2000Kelly Elvin
2000Colin McCall
2000Brian Fritts
2001Jennifer Mahoney
2001Marianne de Poortere
2002Daniel Delany Jr.
2002Larry Torres
2002Kate Griffith
2003Kristen Sarte
2003Ryan Pierson
2004Ryan Lance
2004Whitney Davidson-Andoldi
2005Jes Mahoney
2006Christina Alvarado
2006Matt Palazzolo
2007Jaymie Miller
2007Andrew Golda
2007Matt Zurlo
2008Kaihly Brouhard
2009Michael Nienstedt
2009Colin Zurlo
2009Jake Bracey
2009Marc Burns
2010Justin Barends
2010David Lance
2010Gianna Terminelli
2010Victoria Winters
2011Connor Hartl
2011Anthony Pacheco
2011Patrick Jacobson
2012Daniel Barends
2012Joseph Miller
2012Troy Balog
2012Lauren Gardner
2012Kayla Gater
2013Jessica Newlander
2013Zachary Martin
2014Tyler Graff
2014Amanda Riccardi
2014Pammela Rodriguez
2014Milei Taeschler
2015Will Turner
2015Kaylee Stiles
2016Shane Deemer
2016Jorge Reynoso
2017Matt Dufner
2017Taylor Colon